Recently my focus was increasingly on homestories and home shootings. On the one hand this is due to the season and on the other hand to the attraction which is connected with this shooting area.

Many probably associate homestories with models lolling half-naked on their beds. One challenge I have set myself for this year – more on the subject of challenges in another post, by the way – was to show that homestories can also be varied and don’t have to be associated exclusively with a few clothes, even if the area in question is also very exciting.


It’s the challenge that just when the model has less clothes on still photograph stylishly. It must not look clumsy or cheap. My goal was and still is to make the model look strong and confident. Of course I sometimes think twice about whether a shot looks better or not – that’s why I always involve the model and communicate what I think about the shot.

But maybe we’d better start over. How do I plan my shooting at all? How do you tell someone to undress? What is there to consider in general?

First of all I have to say that even I am still learning at every shooting and am far away from where I would like to go – but I think many people who take pictures themselves know that. Something like that is part of development. I work a lot with people who have never been in front of a camera before, or at most once or twice. For this reason I like to use Moods or Moodboards. I have them on Pinterest as well as in my cloud.

Pinterest is open to the public, simply to show which directions I would like to photograph in general, the second link is given to the model when it comes to defining the direction in which it should go more precisely to see concrete examples. Homestories I divide there for example into Cozy (with partner), Casual and Lingerie/Dessous and concealed nude/partial act. This is already the answer to question number two. The model decides how far to go with the choice of clothes. Of course I have certain ideas in which area I would like to go with someone at a home shooting, which I also communicate. Nevertheless, the most important rule is that the person must simply feel comfortable with what he or she is doing. If the model doesn’t feel comfortable, you can see this in the photos afterwards. Often you just try things out. If these work, super. If not, the photos are deleted on site.

In general, I always try to make sure that the respective idea fits the model and, of course, the apartment. Another important aspect is of course that there is also a photogenic location. Not every apartment is necessarily meant for photos. Before each homestory I also offer a preliminary talk. This way you get to know each other beforehand, can exchange ideas and discuss the general procedure of the shooting. Also, an accompanying person is always welcome during my shootings. Through this the model often not only feels more secure, she can also be integrated as an assistant. The day of the shooting is not about the pictures. That’s how I communicate it. The most important point is that the model feels comfortable. No matter whether the photos are taken in her own apartment or in an Airbnb apartment. No matter whether dressed or in the nude area. The well-being of the model has the highest priority. Only then come the photos.