Often I am asked how I edit my photos at all and which tools I use. This collection is a bit loose, partly not contiguous, but maybe it helps one or the other.

In addition I should perhaps also mention how the normal workflow looks at all with me. I now only collect ideas from Pinterest or Instagram – Facebook has no real value in this respect anymore. Especially with Pinterest you can create wonderful moodboards and share them with your model.

After the shooting, the photos themselves end up in a project-oriented Lightroom catalogue. There the basic look is done, in Photoshop the retouching etc.. For the previous image selection, I always offer the model the possibility to select the desired photos on PicDrop. PicDrop is a dropbox for photographers/creatives. Photos can be marked and commented, selections can be made and much more. In the tariffs with costs there are also various branding adjustments possible.

The output of the finished recordings is usually done via a Nextcloud installation on my server or sometimes via WeTransfer.