ClientSolusServicesConcept Developing, Location Scouting, Video, Drone & EditingAudio & SFXOliver MilesTalent(s)Justin HenriYear2023

⸺ Concept Development

When Oli (one of the founders of Solus) reached out to me, we met several times beforehand to talk about the idea of a video for social media. He wanted to achieve a fast, dynamic video. He brought in an initial idea with some examples on the basis of which we finally came up with a concept of what the video should look like and what footage we needed. Olli, who is also a singer, provided several pieces of music. The idea was to create a fast but also very dynamic video.

⸺ Location Scouting

During the development of the idea, we initially had an urban environment in mind. Partly alone, partly together, we looked at various locations, but neither of them appealed to us or suited our idea.
As the concept development progressed, we then came up with a more tranquil environment and finally ended up with a dune landscape that focuses on the brand, the athlete and the outfit and doesn't distract from anything else.

⸺ Video Production

After we had found an idea for the video and a location, we were fortunate that Olli was able to win Justin for our project, who was a perfect match to our moods.
 My tasks during the production were not only the filming with the camera, but also the shots with the help of of a drone to get another angle in the video to show the vastness of the dune landscape. It was especially difficult that we only had about 2 hours due to various postponements, which is why almost every single shoot had to fit.

After the shoot and back in Germany, I continued to work closely with Olli and Chris (the co-founder of Solos) and took over the editing of the video. Both of them were able to track the current status at any time with the help of